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    5 academy style is more stylish rider men's

      5 academy style is more stylish rider men's
      "Academic" indicates a "nerd", relaxed and clean, simple impression make you more fashionable, and affinity. Although both belong to the academic, but five brand for you present a different style, and always have a look right for you.

      Fashion contracted style
      Edit comment on: shirt + tie + round brought the knitting garment group is the most the most common, let a person feel both simple and clean. Modelling respect is more classic, want to highlight the collocation of color and simple sense from new will fluctuation kongfu. QingJian color suits of chun xia wearing, outside the knitting garment also should choose frivolous fabrics.
      Brand recommended: Dunhill

      Of fashionable individual character
      Edit comments on: the genius Galliano design always is appearing a chic, have a strong personal style. This year chun xianan fits in the show, John Galliano college wind with a little bit of naughty,if newsboy shorts isn't what you want to challenge in the upper body, actually the type of design can still reference, hats and belt is the noticeable fashion sheet is tasted.
      Brand recommended: John Galliano

      Fashion hale style
      Edit comment on: in a backpack always can get people age go down a few years. Simple combination tend to let a person look at uncomfortable, but to outstanding quality and details, for example belt and shoes collocation, the collocation of color, etc. Actually summer need to let a person look at relaxed some modelling, choose blue can make you look very clean.
      Brand Ermenegildo Zegna recommended:

      Fashion style restoring ancient ways
      Edit comment on: in last few years popular thick frame glasses, can make you infected some literary snowboarding progresses. Breeches and combination of cone sox in Europe, in ancient times of this is the men's dress, now regain8 up, let you from the crowd immediately emerges.
      To recommend a brand: Antonio Azzuolo

      Fashion noble paragraph
      Edit comment on: choose a similar noble university uniform suit jacket, it is the good method that dress up college style. Compared with pale blue relaxed, deep and remote blue will appears calm, the collocation of the same color shorts, let you already comfortable and carefree ground enjoy summer.
      To recommend a brand: Corneliani

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